The Association pro H2 mobility Switzerland is growing

Not long after its founding in May this year, the Association pro H2 mobility Switzerland has welcomed its newest member, SOCAR Energy Switzerland. This addition will provide the Association with even greater support in fulfilling its objectives as the Swiss platform for hydrogen mobility.

According to Edgar Bachmann, CEO of SOCAR Energy Switzerland: “SOCAR considers itself a “mobility provider”, supplying our customers with the energy needed for transport today and tomorrow. We see a bright future for sustainable, environmentally-friendly hydrogen mobility, with the opportunity to eliminate CO2 emissions from our roads. This makes it all the more important for us to be part of this promising form of electromobility in Switzerland from the very beginning.”

As part of the Association pro H2 mobility Switzerland, SOCAR Energy Switzerland joins an impressive line-up. Agrola AG, AVIA Association, Coop, Coop Mineraloel AG, the fenaco Cooperative, Migrol AG and the Federation of Migros Cooperatives founded the association as a platform specifically in order to promote and accelerate the establishment of hydrogen mobility in Switzerland.

More information about SOCAR Energy Switzerland and the Association pro H2 mobility Switzerland can be found on and