First Toyota Mirai refueling at Coop’s hydrogen station in Hunzenschwil

To test their hydrogen-powered car “Mirai” (Japanese for “future”) under everyday conditions in various European countries, R&D staff of Toyota Europe are currently on their way across the continent with three Mirais. During their journey, the engineers are also evaluating the hydrogen infrastructure in each country in terms of extent and functionality.

On Wednesday, September 6, the convoy made a stop at Coop’s hydrogen station in Hunzenschwil. Under the Toyota engineers’ careful monitoring, all three Mirais were fueled up at the 700-bar filling station. As the Mirai cannot be purchased in Switzerland currently, these were the first Mirai refuelings in Hunzenschwil. The fueling-up processes took roughly three minutes each and were conducted with ease and comfort. Just like the hundreds of times before when other hydrogen vehicles were fueled up at Coop’s hydrogen station.

Afterwards, the Toyota engineers visited H2 Energy’s hydrogen production plant in Aarau, where electricity of a run-of-the-river plant is used to power hydrogen electrolysis. After the Toyota technicians had gotten a good picture of how the renewable hydrogen is produced, they continued the journey with their completely fueled-up Mirais.