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Hydrogen Consumer – Non-Automotive

H2 Energy develops, manufactures, and markets fuel cell (FC) solutions for various non-automotive applications. These include hydrogen-electric powertrains for trains, ships, agricultural machinery, and special machinery. Also included are stationary applications such as systems for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or for combined power and heat supply to buildings.

For these applications, we prefer to use proven fuel cell systems manufactured in large series by established automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Thanks to systematic development work, automated series production and strict quality control, these systems are manufactured at competitive cost and in high, consistent quality. However, the use of other special systems is also conceivable, particularly in smaller-power applications.

The public-private partnership with Empa and the Paul Scherrer Institute as well as a broad research network enable us to use very specific and advanced research and test infrastructures. This access to extensive resources allows us to leverage the technology expertise of our engineers to develop high-performance, reliable, and cost-effective hydrogen energy systems.

Of course, we do not lose sight of the overall ecosystem in all our FC applications. We are a competent partner for the supply of hydrogen or the development of an H2 production and refueling infrastructure.

Possible areas of application for FC solutions from H2 Energy.

Rail transport:
Power trains for passenger trains, shunting, factory railways.

Shipping and offshore:
Car ferries, fast ferries, excursion ships, drilling rigs, research platforms.

Special machinery:
Drive trains for agricultural and construction machinery, snow groomers.

Emergency power and UPS:
Uninterruptible power supply for critical transport infrastructure, ICT equipment, hospitals, power distribution.

Off-grid power supply:
Events, construction sites, remote properties, off-grid charging stations for battery electric cars

Combined power and heat supply for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.