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Hydrogen refuelling stations

H2 Energy is the technical advisor of theH2 Mobility Switzerland Association. In this context, H2 Energy has developed the basic requirements for hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS) in Switzerland and helps actively with the planning and implementation of a nationwide hydrogen infrastructure. H2 Energy has been involved in the realization and planning of all public hydrogen filling stations in Switzerland (as of April 2021).

Together with our joint venture Hydrospider we are the exclusive hydrogen supplier of the Hyundai H2 trucks ( link to HHM). Realize your own H2 fueling station together with H2 Energy and become part of this community. A basic demand for hydrogen is given by the Hyundai H2 trucks.

Services H2 Energy

→ Feasibility analysis HRS
→ Preparation of planning application
→ Implementation planning
→ Obtaining permits
→ Realization of plant with proven suppliers
→ Acceptance and commissioning


→ Others on request


On request