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Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility AG (HHM) selects Auto AG Truck as service partner in Switzerland

Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility AG (HHM) is pleased to announce its cooperation with Auto AG Truck, headquartered in Rothenburg, Switzerland.

After an intensive search and clarification process, HHM has decided to establish the flagship store and the Swiss service organisation together with Auto AG Truck. The experience and the nationwide network with currently eight service locations, as well as Auto AG Truck’s dedication to innovate were able to completely convince HHM.

The first Xcient fuel cell truck is expected to arrive in Switzerland as early as mid-February and will be used to establish the hydrogen cycle. This truck is already being serviced by Auto AG Truck in cooperation with HHM and supported by engineers from the Hyundai Motor Company in Korea.

Accompanying technical trainings are continuously taking place in Korea and Switzerland, where selected specialists from Auto AG Truck are trained for repairs and handling of the Fuel Cell Xcient. These training courses will also enable the technicians to maintain the fuel cell system and replace them if necessary.

About the business case:
By 2025, Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility customers will be operating a total of 1,600 Fuel Cell Xcient. A large part of these will be used by the members of the H2 Mobility Switzerland Association. Founded by well-known filling station operators, as well as transport and logistics companies in 2018, this association is committed to the development of hydrogen mobility in Switzerland and in particular to a fast expansion of refueling infrastructure. At the same time, Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility will expand its market presence to other European countries.

The hydrogen supply in Switzerland will be handled by HydroSpider, a joint venture of Alpiq, H2 Energy and Linde, which was founded specifically for this purpose.