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the mobile, hydrogen-powered fast charger





Overcoming the limits of electric vehicle charging infrastructure

With the number of electric vehicles on the road projected to increase tenfold by 2030, the charging infrastructure must expand accordingly. To satisfy demand in Europe alone, 6000 charging points will need to be installed weekly by 2025, up from 1600 per week currently1. This will require massive upgrades to the power grid as well as new additions of renewable energy sources, all of which are slowed down by permitting bottlenecks and public opposition. To keep traffic flowing smoothly on EU highways, at least one fast charger per km in each direction will need to be installed by 20302.

Presenting kvyreen

kvyreen is a mobile, hydrogen-powered fast charger. When used with green hydrogen, it offers CO2-free, fast and scalable charging, independent from the local electricity grid and without the risk of charge power limitations at peak times. For commercial fleet operators, kvyreen enables a plannable charging schedule and avoids costly delays in case of electricity shortages. It can be easily integrated into existing hydrogen or traditional refuelling stations, installed at rest stops, parking lots, or deployed for temporary events like festivals or trade fairs. Highly mobile, kvyreen allows for demand driven fast charging: redeployed from camping sites in the summer to ski resorts in the winter.

kvyreen allows you to offer EV fast charging, anywhere, anytime!

A flexible and powerful platform 

kvyreen offers a charging power of 80 kW or 160 kW, with higher power models available in the future. Hydrogen is either supplied via the infrastructure of a hydrogen refueling station, the Hydrospider3 network, or via a hydrogen bundle depending on the desired capacity. kvyreen uses state-of-the-art fuel cell technology and custom power electronics to transform energy stored in hydrogen into electricity to charge the EV’s battery. The same technology platform can be used to power off-road vehicles and ships, as well as to deliver AC power to the grid as part of combined heat and power system (CHP) or as a mobile, hydrogen-powered genset4.

Guaranteeing ease of use

The first kvyreen prototype has been put into operation in March 2022 and has already delivered thousands of kilowatt-hours of green electricity to EV’s. The system allows real-time data management and control via a remote dashboard. Maintenance is taken care of by a dedicated service organization. It offers easy backend integration and a pre-installed RFID reader so multiple payment options can be realized. The kvyreen system can be installed in less than 60 minutes once the hydrogen supply has been prepared.

Technical specifications

Benefits at a glance

  • DC fast charging at 80 or 160 kW
  • 100% reliable and guaranteed power output
  • No grid connection or upgrades required
  • CO2 free with green hydrogen
  • Mobile unit, can be installed wherever needed
  • Integration with various external H2 supply possible
  • Scalable to 500 kW and beyond
  • AC output model available soon

3Containerized hydrogen logistics solution from H2 Energy, Alpiq and Linde. For more information see:
4More information on alternative applications available upon request.
5Specifications are work in progress and can be subject to change
6Without de-rating of charging power
7Assumption: Energy consumption of electric vehicle 20 kWh/100 km

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Commissioning of kvyreen prototype for pilot operation at AVIA Osterwalder St. Gallen AG