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Esbjerg goes Hydrogen

H2 Energy Europe plans one of the world’s biggest Hydrogen Production Plant in Esbjerg, Denmark. With a capacity of 1 GW, the plant will convert green electricity into hydrogen, which can be used directly in trucks and other heavy land-based transport.

1 GW

Production Capacity


New permanent jobs



90,000 t

Yearly hydrogen output

Hydrogen production plant in Esbjerg

The Njordkraft Hydrogen project involves the construction of a 1GW green hydrogen production facility in Esbjerg, Denmark, one of the biggest green hydrogen projects in the world, aimed at revolutionising the sustainable energy system. The plant will incorporate Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyser technology. PEM technology stands out due to its advantages such as operating at lower temperatures and offering quick response times. These characteristics are especially beneficial for dynamic operations and are ideally suited to complement the variable patterns of wind-generated power.

Njordkraft will source electricity from existing and future offshore wind farms with a connection point at the Endrup substation, 17 km north-east of the site.

Esbjerg’s strategic location optimises the plant’s integration with existing pipeline networks, fostering cost-competitive hydrogen markets and enhancing cross-border trade, especially between Denmark and Germany. This placement ensures access to key markets and underpins the project’s viability.