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Osterwalder St. Gallen AG purchases kvyreen 80: A hydrogen-powered fast charger for battery electric vehicles

Zurich, 25th October 2023Osterwalder St. Gallen AG, a family-owned company with a long tradition as a service station operator and a pioneer in hydrogen, announces the purchase of kvyreen 80 hydrogen-powered fast charger from Kvyreen. This acquisition follows a successful testing phase involving the first generation of the product.

The acquisition of kvyreen 80 by Osterwalder St. Gallen AG is part of the continued development of the globally distinctive Swiss-H2 ecosystem that incorporates green hydrogen into electric mobility. The market launch of kvyreen 80 represents a major step forward in the availability of hydrogen fuel cell products, delivering reliable and CO2-free fast charging for battery electric cars and trucks.

Martin Osterwalder, Co-CEO of Osterwalder St. Gallen AG, expressed pride in introducing this cutting-edge technology into their portfolio, “The kvyreen 80 exemplifies our commitment to a greener future by providing environmentally friendly fast charging solutions for both passenger vehicles and trucks. It is a highly complementary addition to the AVIA VOLT charging network, showcasing the synergies between hydrogen and electric mobility.” The kvyreen 80 has been installed and commissioned at the company’s headquarters on Oberstrasse 141 in St. Gallen.

Key Advantages of kvyreen

  • Guaranteed power output: kvyreen operates independently of the grid so the full charging power is always available.
  • Climate friendly: When operated with green hydrogen produced from renewable energy, the entire charging process is CO2-free.
  • Mobile solution: The unit can be easily re-deployed and used to charge battery electric vehicles in areas lacking charging infrastructure, for example at festivals or ski resorts.  
  • Safe and easy to use: With a CE conformity declaration and safety assessment from TÜV Thüringen Schweiz the kvyreen 80 meets all relevant safety standards. Its intuitive operational concept and simple interface ensures ease of use.

Enabling CO2-free electric mobility

The kvyreen 80 is the result of extensive development and productization efforts carried about by the fuel cell application experts at H2 Energy. The first generation device has been successfully operated at Osterwalder St. Gallen AG for the past two years. The latest developments include a significantly more compact form factor and the integration of the DC/DC fast charger with the power generation unit.

Corey Houle, CEO of Kvyreen AG, emphasized the diligence in refining the technology to meet the highest standards. “This investment in the refinement and commercialization of the kvyreen 80 reflects our confidence in the future of hydrogen as a key driver of sustainable mobility. Our goal is to support the fast role out of electromobility by providing flexible and reliable charging infrastructure which is independent of the electrical grid and allows EV drivers to enjoy a CO2-free driving experience.”

About Osterwalder St. Gallen AG:

The Osterwalder Group, based in Eastern Switzerland, is a family business led by its sixth generation. Under the umbrella of Osterwalder St. Gallen Holding AG, it operates in the fields of mineral oil trading, e-mobility, hydrogen, car washes, lubricants, canal cleaning, and real estate. The continuous development of the company group is guided by the motto: Sustainably into the future. Excellent quality and a strong customer orientation are responsible for sustainable success.

About Kvyreen AG:

Kvyreen AG is a fully owned subsidiary of H2 Energy and focuses on developing sustainable charging technologies to promote the use of green hydrogen as a key enabler in zero-emission electromobility. Founded in 2014, H2 Energy is a pioneer in the hydrogen industry and develops, engineers and invests in clean hydrogen eco-systems around Europe. The company is involved in the entire hydrogen value chain, offering know-how and engineering excellence every step of the way.

For further information or press inquiries, please contact:

Press Contact:

Corey Houle, CEO
Kvyreen AG
Hohlstrasse 188
8004 Zurich
Phone: +41 43 343 90 00