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Hydrogen Production

The decisive criterion for successful hydrogen production is, quite simply, the functionality of the overall system. H2 Energy offers complete turnkey solutions and takes care of both the individual subsystems (electrolyzer, compressor, storage, etc.) and the connection of these subsystems to the overall system. This last step, which also includes the overall control system of the plant, is crucial and makes the plants designed by H2 Energy safe and robust.

H2 Energy specializes in hydrogen production plants through polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolysis. In an electrochemical process, the oxygen (O2) and hydrogen (H2) molecules of water (H2O) are separated and collected. With PEM technology, the gases are separated by a solid membrane and the hydrogen can be compressed during the process. This means that significantly less energy is required for compression to the storage pressure of 350 bar. The hydrogen can be stored temporarily without storage losses. The electrochemistry enables highly dynamic operation in the range of 0-100% of the electrolyzer’s rated power. This offers electricity producers a new way of using electricity to produce a storable gas (hydrogen) to balance production and demand.

Services H2 Energy

→ Feasibility analysis
→ Development H2 concept
→ Planning of overall plant
→ Obtaining permits
→ Realization of plant with proven suppliers
→ Acceptance of turnkey plant


→ Others on request


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