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Kvyreen: Hydrogen-Powered Fast Charger Receives CE Conformity Declaration and TÜV Safety Assessment

Zurich, July 2023Kvyreen AG, a leading provider of sustainable charging solutions, is pleased to announce that its groundbreaking mobile, hydrogen-powered fast charger “kvyreen” has obtained the CE conformity declaration. Additionally, a comprehensive safety assessment has been conducted by TÜV Thüringen Schweiz AG, which provides services in technical inspection and safety assessment. These significant milestones mark a crucial step towards the sustainable and reliable future of mobility.

The kvyreen 80 fast charger represents a pioneering solution for the charging of electric vehicles, whereas the device itself is designed as a mobile unit which ensures charging power at any place and at any time. Based on state-of-the art hydrogen fuel cell technology, the system enables off-grid CO2-free fast charging of vehicles with a guaranteed power output of 80 kW. The CE declaration confirms that the fast charger meets all relevant safety and environmental standards in accordance with European directives.

The successful completion of the TÜV survey confirms the high quality, safety, and reliability of the kvyreen 80 fast charger. To compile the safety assessment, extensive tests and examinations were conducted to ensure that the fast charger complies with the highest industry standards. Customers can therefore rely on the fact that the product meets the highest safety standards.

« Completing the CE conformity declaration and obtaining the TÜV safety assessment is a significant milestone for us, » said Corey Houle, CEO of Kvyreen AG. « We are proud to offer an innovative charging solution that not only revolutionizes mobility but also meets the highest standards in terms of safety and sustainability. With the kvyreen 80 fast charger, we aim to support the high growth rate of electromobility and provide a reliable as well as powerful alternative to conventional charging infrastructure. »

The kvyreen 80 fast charger will help alleviate concerns regarding the availability and reliability of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The ability to charge electric vehicles in a short amount of time without a grid connection will further reinforce their acceptance and help to support the transition to eco-friendly mobility.